Saturday, January 9, 2010

L/H - Looking down the barrel

I've come out of Hibernation with piles of goodies, and an exclusive preview of +DV8+'s offerings for the upcoming Rezzable fashion show. Whether you love or hate, come check it out.



Ozimals bunnies will be released today at noon SLT, and already the sim is up and running and gorgeous. Katat0nik stayed up all night (poor thing) and made a special dress for the opening which I am wearing here, a beautifully bunny-embossed lolita frock.

Please also notice the ears! They are Fey Ears with spiral horn earrings from Schadenfreude, and fit amazingly well over one's normal ear size (usually I use Mourna's trick and shrink my ears down). The ears have a skin-and-earing tinting hud, and rise to perfect peaks. I'm really glad that Allegory has brached out ear modification, she's applying her usual madly creative eye to the genre. The boots I stole from Miss Shay of Highfalutin' -- go see her post, her look is adorable. (Go see some bunnehs!)


***Hair: Gritty Kitty Hathair - brown
***Skin: Sweets Party Kirakira skin (summer CSR item)
***Scarf: TheCloset hemp scarf (brown)
***Tattoos: Schadenfreude elephant hand tattoos (in red elephant corset folder)
***Dress: *katat0nik* (orange) bun bun dress for Ozimals
***Undershirt: DP**yumyum simple long T (brown)
***Eyes: Plastik lightcollection whizz
***Ears: Schadenfreude Fey Ears with spiral horns
***Shoes: Kalnins footwear - SnowDrift (color changing hud!)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Vaguely batty


A few pretty things lured me back into this female form -- 50L Friday tattoos from ~silentsparrow~, a gorgeous chiaroscuro dress from Plastik, a well-made jacket from Uzuri. Bella sent it to me and said, "Wearing this jacket needs boobs, you know. Do you want me to blow on your back until they come back out?"

The jacket is worth gender-bending for, made of three prim parts that are anal-retentively sculpted, a spine piece and two arms. The jacket moves with the figure so that it's never awkward, and nothing impales me… The Plastik dress and Fledermaus 50L Friday tattoo are so brilliantly colored that they drive away my dark-of-the-year blues. (SLURL to Uzuri) (SLURL to Plastik) (SLURL to ~silentsparrow)



Uzuri outfit:
***Scarf: Curious Kitties Drape Scarf - orange
***Shirt: League shirt from the woolstrapped outfit
***Pants: ~silentsparrow~ alternate voltaire pants from the (leather) Voltaire suit
***Shirt: ~silentsparrow~ (leather) voltaire shirt
***Gloves: League asuka steam gloves open-end
***Eyes: Plastik lightcollection-boom
***Hair: lamb Bang Bang bob - butterfinger
***Shoes: DP**yumyum classic belt short boots in dark gray
***Jacket: Uzuri biker jacket - choco
***Skin: Ugly Duck Chani Henna (black lips - black bindi)
Plastik outfit:
***Eyes: Plastik lightcollection-boom
***Hair: lamb Bang Bang bob - Ink
***Tattoos: 50L Friday ~silentsparrow~ (grape) Fledermaus tattoos
***Pendant: NC Pendant09 Group gift
***Dress: Plastik courtesan - blacksun
***Boots: J's Westernboots (black)
***Skin: Ugly Duck Chani Henna (blue eyeshadow)

Dutch Touch skinses


Dutch Touch has just created some new boy skins. They're named Red (a beautifully rosy skintone, shown above) and NiK (a slightly paler skintone). I'm a sucker for the boy avvie in the faint bit of chin fuzz and chesthair -- just the right amount. I also like the pretty elven boy innocence of the shaven version as well as the one with eyeliner; the boy looks like he's up to no good, as usual. Like standing around with a horse. You can find these skins at the Dutch Touch mainstore.



***Eyes: Den-dou eyes grey
***Belt: ~silentsparrow~ Aconite belt from the suit
***Pants: League Garage Jeans - petrol
***Hair: Maitreya Green / strawberry blond & natural blond
***Ears: Schadefreude fey ears, spiral horns
***Skins: Dutch Touch: (The photos with lighter hair are with Red skintone. )
Red :: Cream :: Basic & Goatee
NiK :: Cream :: Basic, Eye Makeup & Goatee (with Chest Hair)

LotBaN: Flora - Blades

LotBaN Blog Header

“Truths and roses have thorns about them.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

Flora - Blades I

Uncover more images, review notes, and fashion details here, at Lifestyles of the Broke and Notorious.

No, I'm zipped


This morning Christa Pizzicato shot me an IM as I was stumbling sleepily around 50L Friday. "I see that you blog. Have you been to Unzipped?" I hopped over and stared around, tilting my head. Had I been there? Perhaps long ago, lost in a Caledonian dream. The place was full of pretty Victoriana and Steampunk accessories, and then I remembered when I'd seen it last… as a tiny shop on the sim Steam Forge, next to a dance club.

More memories. I think I took Jackal there once, right before she evaporated into WoW for a time. The shop had certainly grown since my last visit, and I picked up this outfit (I turned it into like, gay superhero) as well as a box of brass gear that I will undoubtedly wear in a post or three. My boots, I stole right off of Gabe Gabe's pretty little feet. (Go visit Unzipped!)



***Eyes: Den-dou eyes - grey
***Boots: #OC# Dirty Guy Boots
***Outfit: Unzipped Nocturnum Warlock Male
***Skin: Den-dou skin collection 07 mask of a boy - gatcha
***Hair: SLink Ophelia II

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Belated Yukata

LotBaN Blog Header

Shrine Flowers I

I'm seven days late, but I gave my word to be at the shrine. Happy New Years, everyone!

Shrine Flowers II

And as always, thank you, Achariya, for continuing to be one of my sweetest friends and an inspirational blogger.

Shrine Flowers - B

Outfit (including geta): Mare*kimonoV3*Yayoi_y@M*H from Mare*
Parasol: Dusk Blooms Parasol (animated) from Orchid Dreams *@* [no longer in world]
Hair: Gibson Girl Hair - Raven from (Miriel) [no longer in world]
Ears: *~*Fairy Ears: Naturals from from *~*Illusions*~* [tinted]
Eyes: *CS* Eyes - Mirror Green from *Celestial Studios*
Skin: Galaxies_05 (green) skin from [42]

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Paper Cut-Ups, deux


Back at the beginning of time when I had even worse Photoshopping skillz than now (okay it was 2008), I talked Lawless McBride into wearing Paper Couture drag with me. There's something about boy avatars who are this centered in themselves that can pull off drag and still look kinda manly. Recidivist is proof of this pudding. I'm not sure how he doesn't look like a post-parade drag queen in this lovely frock, but he manages to pull it off with aplomb. (I, of course, still look like a goddamned girl.)

My original post with Lawless was a cross between a paeon and a sendup. Everyone was in Paper Couture on the feed that day, and we were feeling a bit left out. Today's post is a big heap of nostalgia with a twist of cheek. Think you can wear it better, boys? Here's the SLURL to Paper Couture.



***Hair: Vincent by Pretty Vermin (Nomine)
***Skin: Scarface(B) (Halloween) by Den-Dou
***Shape: Personal/1 Of A Kind
***Eyes: Staind Contacts (Zombie Black) by Nomine
***Earrings: Blood Opals by Sn@tch
***Hat, Dress, & Frills: Starry Night by Paper Couture
***Gloves: Stained Fingerless Gloves (Black) by [Gauze]
***Shoes Eclipse Boots by [Gauze]
***Eyes: poetic colors eyes in dark wood - large
***Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style LittleSteward
***Piercings: FlipSide Mouth attach 10
***Scarf: Paper Couture fabric bead scarf necklace
***Shirt: DP**yumyum simple long T (white)
***Skin: Belleza Ewan v2 pale
***Shoes: Redgrave Aviator Loafers -creme-
***Hair: Maitreya Dylan - natural blond
***Suit: Paper Couture snowdrift suit (also comes with gloves, not shown)

Blogger challenge: Then and Now


Sophia Harlow asked what we all looked like back when. I poked through my inventory and realized that I don't have any of my first clothing, but I do have these dolls! Within my first week of playing SL I realized that lolita fashion was thriving here, and fell in love with all of the extremely affordable dresses at LicoLico. I sat in the camp chairs and collected them all, a godsend to a newbie who wasn't sure whether she was gonna stay in SL. Even now I love LicoLico mall, although time has made some of the shops migrate away from it to Albero and Creators Pavilion and other popular sims… The LicoLico dolls actually had little tiny dressup outfits that exactly matched the dresses. They're still available at LicoLico Mall.

I…yeah, look kinda different now.


Mer-elf madness

Guest-starring Mr. Recidivist Sideways

A kindly friend once gave me instruction upon how to tint one's male parts. "It's always going to be a little rosier than the skin," he said. "Just a touch darker." The same doesn't really apply to ears. Schadenfreude's new Mer-elf ears come in eight different skintones to match the skins in the shop, but are a seamless mix with Nomine's lighter colors too. Only the conch is shaded, as it should be!

Recidivist joined me today to show off some perfect boy basics that are new from Nomine. Great jeans, a wifebeater and a t-shirt with unobtrusive prints are out in the shop, and you can wear them either badass (like Recidivist) or gay as a lark (like me). I'm wearing mine tucked into my gorgeous new Gos 8-hole Docs!



On Recidivist:
***Hair: Carnegie (Rage) by Gritty Kitty
***Skin: 1 Of A Kind Custom by Nomine
***Shape: 1 Of A Kind by Munchflower Zaius & Madagascar Few
***Eyes: Custom shade by Nomine, Custom blind left prim eye by Nomine
***Ears: Limited Edition Lusiphur Av from Nomine (Ears sculpted by Siyu Suen of Illusions)
***Necklace: Dilaudid Silver Necklace by Nomine
***Tank top & jeans: Rusted by Nomine
***Right Bracelet: Bronze Leather Wristcuff by Gritty Kitty
***Left Bracelet: Dirty Biker Cuff (Black) by Sn@tch
***Belt: Classic Belt v.2 (Black) (Female 2) by Blitzed
***Boots: Engineer Boots, Ring (Black) by Zero Number

On Acha:
***Eyes: Poetic Color dark wood - large
***Gloves: Sprawl shove glove (flora)
***Choker: Yabusaka Alphabet belt choker
***Tattoo: Atomic Tattoo_Lucky Basterd (black)
***Belts: Curious Kitties Many Belts - brown - fukubukurou item
***Skin: Boy's Nomine sylvan china white in soul patch
***Shoes: Gos Docs 8 Hole Black
***Hair: Gritty Kitty Owen - black
***Shirt: Nomine rusted tee - bottom, shirt
***Ears: Schadenfreude mer-elf ears
***Pants: Nomine rusted pants - brown superlow

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter break


Winter came to Orlando! It's cold enough to unpack our warmest gear and air out the mothball scent. The rest of the world is laughing at us right now because, oh my, it's just above freezing. My avatar here has to go back to school now. He was in the islands for a week or two after Christmas and had to tidy up to return to his slightly seedy Ivy League school. Hm, probably Brown, eh? He's wearing the Dutch Touch NiK skin, slightly more grown-up than the Den-dou one he usually sports, and an outfit from a small Japanese shop called Unknown Boutique. This shop doesn't have a ton of stuff, but I really like the construction of this jacket (which comes with a shirt-and-tie beneath it) and skinny pants. ( SLURL to Unknown Boutique, in case you can't find it. )


***Eyes: Den-dou midnight blue
***Earrings: FlipSide Tunnel Ear Set
***Scarf: Muism Crinkle Scarf - silver
***Shirt: Schadenfreude white oxford shirt
***Jacket: Unknown Boutique 3b Tailored Jacket
***Pants: Unknown Boutique Skinny Jeans *white*
***Skin: Dutch Touch NiK cream Style 3
***Shoes: Redgrave Aviator Loafers - Creme -
***Hand tats: ~silentsparrow~ Fledermaus set
***Hair: Maitreya Malou in sandy blond
***Suitcase: Picnic trunk case (blue) CSR gifty

Monday, January 4, 2010


Miss Strawberry Singh (left) and me (right)

I managed to talk Strawberry Singh into my underpants. Aren't I a lucky person? She wears them well! We're both in our undies to show off HUZ tattoos. Berry has on the Cracked tattoo, a brand new one from HUZ. I'm in an old one, the rosary neck tattoo. I really love Hunain's creativity -- the Cracked tattoo truly does make Berry look a bit like a well-loved Ken-doll. Anyway. Thank you, Berry! (Catero, I never touched her, I swear!)


On Berry:
Shape: Manifest Shapes by Catero Revolution
Skin: Dutch Touch Mace Olive EBBlack Style 2 by Iki Ikarus
Hair: [Uncleweb] Daniel-Hair Meteoric swarm by Din Raymaker
Undies: INTIMO_BSB_DesignNo001 @ House by Vitamen Hax
Garter Socks: VITAMEN Men's SocksGarter by Vitamen Hax
Choker: [HUZ]-Holy Urban-Choker by Hunain Bellic
Tattoo: [HUZ]-Cracked-(FBD) by Hunain Bellic

On Acha:
Skin: Den-Dou Eito Light /01 clean
Hair: Gritty Kitty Carnegie - Blond
Undies: INTIMO_Frosted Undies_Frosted Lemon
Eyes: Den-dou eyes light grey
Earrings: FlipSide Tunnel Ear Set
Socks: Picnic v-suspender socks in grey
Tattoo: HUZ rosary neck tattoo
Nails: Schadenfreude green glitter manicure
Glasses: GOS butterfly sunglasses

When I looked to the moon, it turned gold


When I got my morning notices, I sat up and took note: Ingenue just came out with this pair of perfect little round-toed shoes, ruffled and high and ribboned, just the thing for the ISO dance. These are some of the first shoes from this designer, and Betty has done an excellent job of interpreting the style into SL. I'm wearing these shoes with a new release dress (comes with a hat), Ingenue's Fraxinus. The cape was an advent gift -- I had to put it on because the sim was so snowy that my avatar was shivering. The Exodi skin with its flawlessly drawn lips seemed perfect for the look. How did ladies in the 40s get their lipstick so precise? She's all ready for the dance…

Blue moon, you saw me standing alone...




***Hair: Ingenue Myrna Noir Black
***Gloves: Vintage (Fleur gloves long black, no longer made)
***Skin: Exodi Sienna Soleil Poker Face (Dk)
***Earrings: Miel Lun Earrings, 50L friday item
***Frock: Ingenue Fraxinus Crimson
***Shoes: Ingenue Paquerette Crimson & Noir
***Tippet: Ingenue 34th street capelet red & grey (Christmas gift)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

An authentic soothsayer should be shot on sight


These are photo sets from the 3DCC CosmicTravellers installation. They're by JASstore, and come in Ice Cave, Cosmos, and Desert Planet varieties. The sets are studded with a number of poseballs so that you don't even have to bring your own. I especially love the dust raining down on the Desert Planet -- it creates a fabulously sepia-toned pulp-fiction backdrop. The skins, boots, helmets and backpack are by different 3DCC designers at the same installation. Just call me Podkayne of Mars. ( SLURL to the installation here )





I liked the underpants version damnit


~silentsparrow~ Fledermaus tattoos, take two! I took a completely different picture yesterday and got snickered at. Y'all have no appreciation for plasticine boy undies! Anyway, now with more pants… this really lovely bat tattoo. It comes in a version without the swirlies too, and (my favorite part) hand and feet designs. (Find the new tattoos here.)


***Lip ring: FlipSide Piercings - nose attach 3
***Necklace: Grasp skull necklace /mens
***Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ Fledermaus tattoo in spiral version
***Hair: Maitreya Bo - Silver
***Pants: Grasp leather pants /02/womens
***Eyes: Schadenfreude Skeletonflake eyes (50L friday item)
***Skin: Den-dou silverboy gatcha skin