Thursday, December 30, 2010

Where dreams meet nightmares

Drowsy festival !
Photo from the Drowsy festival!

I have two things to share today. First, my beautiful blue skirt and cardigan are from 5th & Oxford. This fine establishment is closing, and all of the items are 50L. Why? I'm not sure -- I love everything that Roslin and CJ create, from the menswear to the skins to the perfect little outfit bits. However, change happens, and I was happy to purchase many things I've had my eyes on at 50L apiece. (SLURL to 5th & Oxford)

Second, Miss BettiePage Voyager dropped me a lot of awesome creations this morning, and I realized why the Drowsy sim has been so quiet for so long. They've been making another one of their amazing festivals! There are gifts and new items in the shop (including this beautiful cape with hair), but the most amazing part is the fairytale-creepy build! I absolutely love Drowsy, and the festivals take me straight into Studio Ghibli land. (Go see the festival!)

Drowsy festival !

Drowsy festival !

***Tights: *an* knit tights in light blue
***Cape: BettiePage Voyager BP* cape coat in red, with hair!
***Cheeks: Honey Kitty christmas cheeks 07
***Blue cardi: 5th & Oxford Jori cardigan in egg blue
***Skirt: 5th & Oxford seaside Sweetie skirt in egg blue
***Shirt: Honey Kitty babyblue flower corsage top
***Mittens: Miasnow Bundly Mittens
***Skin: tres Blah (pale) Blessa: Slow
***Boots: J's Sabo Boots in Red

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