Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shocking taupe


Marni knows color. I remember thinking this the first time I stepped into her shop, way back in the days of Endicott. She had puffy system skirts in shocking pink and her trademark royal blue, and I put one on and felt a joyful shock of color to my system. I was thinking this as she appeared in my skybox wearing a wash of neutrals. Ironic? Perhaps. She's probably the only avatar I know that makes neutral look like an actual color. Cheers to Marni and her new releases, out this week at (Royal Blue.)

***Lashes - Bedroom
***Socks - Sheer Compliments Socks - Royal Blue
***Shoes- Secutarys Dream - Royal Blue
***Jacket - Trenching Through Colour - Royal Blue (new release)
***Skin - LeLutka - Natasha in Hush
***Hair- Lamb - Ghost in Granny

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