Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Light a candle in memory

Hanukkah dress!

I went to Rutgers for my undergraduate degree, which means that I have a vivid memory of hilarious Christmas concerts in which a chorus of Jewish men sang Christmas carols. Donning this outfit as a gentile (I'm Buddhist due to my Asian blood) makes me remember this clearly. Perhaps nowadays it doesn't matter what you were born into so much as what you respect. I remember doing holiday present exchanges with my resigned and indulgent Jewish roommates, thinking that here was the true spirit of Christmas: A Buddhist and a bunch of Jews sitting around a room making merry, because why the hell not? I wear this adorable Katat0nik Hanukkah Bear dress in their memory. (SLURL to Katat0nik)

Hanukkah dress!

***Tattoo: Scribble Mixed Signals Tattoo -- chest wings
***Outfit & hair & shoes & all: Katat0nik Hanukkah Bear Costume in blue
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lilith Lady Midnight II
***Eye makeup: Schadenfreude blue apple eyeshadow

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