Friday, November 19, 2010

Like the morning paper


I just spent the entire day yesterday alternating between lying in bed and puking my guts out. Stomach flu? Food poisoning? Ulcer? Who knows. Today, my avatar is in the most comfortable clothing imagineable to mirror my real life pajamas. She looks much more elegant than I do right now, believe me! I especially love the new MiaSnow Fresh skinline -- for some reason, MiaSnow skins suit my shape without any modifications, and the way she makes her nose and cheekbones really tickles me. I think I look soft yet mischievous, perfect for a Friday spent lying around in front of the TV. The camisole is also new from Ingenue. I love messing with Betty's stuff and making it look all dark and dirty. :D


***Tape: Sinistyle taped fingers
***Hair tchatchkes: fashionably dead hair stuff (leftovers)
***Pants: fashionably dead vagabond pants in black
***Shirt: Grasp loosestyle denim shirt in black
***Shoes: Rebel-X- Aki flats (with color scripted hud)
***Tattoo: Launa Fauna 50L Friday mixed signals tattoos - chest wings
***Hair: Clawtooth could I resist? in Red eye
***Undershirt: Ingenue Mon Petit in snow
***Skin: Miasnow Skin - Fresh - pale with tinted brows