Saturday, November 20, 2010

He drives Miss Daisy

Elusyve in MiaMai

It only took me two days to make images that I liked of Miss Elusyve Jewell. Sometimes Photoshop likes me a little, and sometimes it hates my guts. Suffice to say, I always feel pressured when photographing other people to make them look as lovely as they are. In these, Elu is wearing MiaMai -- her hair and face tattoos and dress. I've been by the shop, it really suits the dramatic side of her nature (kind of like her pet vampire). And before anyone guesses, all the shadows are totally faked. (SLURL to MiaMai)

Elusyve in MiaMai

***Hair: "Mika" from Miamai
***Skin: "Castalia" from Glam (past TDR)
***Face Tats from Miamai
***Ears: "Theao" from MW iLweran
***Necklace: "Maple Leaf" from ICED
***Dress: "Alexa" from Miamai
***Shoes: "Aveela" from SLink

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