Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hax and Hats


Melatonin Hax and I are very similar people. We're actually shy, and in large crowds, tend to IM a few people and hang out quietly on the periphery… I adore her for this, and see it mirrored in the cute wash of freckles across her avvie's nose, and in the nice big hide-behind-me hats that she makes for her store Split Pea. The one she's in is her creation for One-Eleven.

***Hat: ::SPLIT PEA:: One Eleven - Flying Private Derby
***Hair: Clawtooth: Lipstick & Cigarettes - Red eye flight
***Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Character skin SASHA frx TINT
***Tattoo: [TH] Tattoo - O Holy Kittens (b&w)
***Dress: Shirohato - Insomnia
***Pose: Luth Innocence 06

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