Friday, November 12, 2010

A candle for shabbat

50L Friday ftw!

I always forget about 50L Friday, and was so excited this morning when I remembered! I picked up hair from Lamb and some other stuff too (I also adored 5th & Oxford's lingerie). I've been sticking to a stark, wintery color palate these past few posts, inspired by the Ugly Duck Lady Midnight skins. The pale color is really rich -- there's a lot of depth to the pigment, even while maintaining the pallor. I also love the thick gloss of the lips. The scarf is a new item from the Albero gatcha festival, and I admit I have it in all the colors, twice. Have great Fridays!

50L Friday ftw!

***Piercing: ellabella shadow of the day
***Leggings: Dark Eden knit leggings in black
***Sweater: Silentsparrow (ash) knitty sweater
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) delphine pumps in black
***Gloves & socks: Schadenfreude black spiderweb set
***Scarf: Berries Inc. gatcha scarf in dark grey at the Gatcha festival
***Dress: /artilleri/ Nadine dress in white
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lilith - Lady Midnight - III
***Candles and table: Kao from iTuTu Garden Shop
***Poses: Lotta -- now defunct? SADNESS :(
***Hair: 50L Friday Lamb DIY haircut in black

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