Thursday, November 25, 2010

The beautiful Aikea machine


Aikea Reiko, the designer for Plastik, has a smokin' hot avatar. "What should I wear in this photo?" She asked me. "Panties," I said, without missing a beat. I mean honestly, what's hotter than a faun in boy shorts? I was also super-impressed that Aikea was practically naked, yet wearing so much at the same time. That shows some attention to detail! Lately Aikea's been blogging her looks, too, so you can take a gander over at her website, The Beautiful Plastik Machine.

***Lingerie: Bianca In White- MAgnlia Designs
***Boyshorts: =HOOT= Cotton Boyshorts- White with blue Hearts
***Tattoo- My Pinkie Skull- Danger Flower- Full Body- Worn
***Armwarmers: Maitreya Armwarmers in Magnolia
***Brows: Leafy- Brow 9
***Eyes- Plastik- Haunt Collection- Storm
***Shape: Personal Shape
***Hair: Truth- Tamina - Ivory (2 attachments)
***Ears: Plastik- Animalistic Elven Ears
***Tail- Mutation Industries- CitySnow Fox Tail
***Skin- LAQ- Elena Pale
***Fox Feet- Aventity- Black Fox Legs
***Horns- Illusions- Dreamcatcher Nivicola Horns
***Piercings- EllaBella- Rieko (Personal set)
***Belly Ring- KOWP- Belly Jewelry- Infatuation

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