Thursday, October 14, 2010

Zombie Time!

Halloween is coming, it's totally time to bring out the zombie gear again.

1.) Cardio.
2.) Double tap.
3.) Beware of bathrooms.
4.) Seatbelts.
17.) Don't be a hero.
18.) Limber up.
22.) When in doubt, know your way out.
31.) Check the back seat.
32.) Enjoy the little things.

***Kalnins Footwear - Flirt
***!Lamb - Mon Cheri in Snickers
***Black Lacy Thong by Popfuzz
***Dead Head Necklace - Ladies - Ann OToole
***RC Cluster Zombie AO & Guts
***Blood layers - my own, available at the Second Style sim this month for $1L
***803 - Latex Examination Gloves
***Tomboy - "Torn Tank" in Mud
***Skin by Miasnow (ZOMBINA Brainlicker, free with the Hunt of the Living Dead)
***Yellow JesteR - Necrotic Right Eyeball

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