Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm totally barefoot

How many licks?

You know, it's been … a long effing time that I've done this in Second Life. Years, eh? I mostly operate in a vaccuum, with only one or two people who give me feedback (like my kindly partner Jackal), and I get these urges to quit… I start to think things like, wouldn't it be nice to start a real life music blog and do something a little more real life for a change? But today I got a really nice message:

[16:24] Frick Finkler: (Saved Sun Oct 17 22:43:31 2010) Hi! This is probably obnoxious because I'd imagine you get IMs of this sort all the time [almost never actually -a], but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I've been following it for a couple years now ^^ thanks for being an inspiration.

I am? Thank you, ma'am. I'm so glad to hear it. Messages like this help me keep thinking it's relevant.

I'm wearing the new Lepidoptera shirt by Ingenue -- I love the soft chiffon of the sleeves and the deep scoop of the neck. Also, new hair from The Strand called Harriet, with a texture-changing hat. The scarf is a group gift from Kue (which has such cute things right now!), and the skin is the beautiful Yasmin remake from Ugly Duck. Oh and beware, Schadenfreude has out its treat basket -- be prepared for a lot of clicking!

***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes in yellow
***Skin: Ugly Duck Yasmin in fine with C-cup boobies.
***Scarf: [Kue!] group gift, mini laced pumpkin scarf
***Skirt: Ingenue Secretary skirt in ebon
***Shirt: Ingenue Lepidoptera Blouse in Ebon
***Hair: The Strand Harriet / charred black
***Pose: by Gesticulate


Sasy Scarborough said...

Dear Achariya,

While I fully believe the music world would benefit from your input in RL, I think that you would leave an incredibly large void if you were to leave us.



Auntykuro said...

That is totally kind of you to say, Miss Sasy! <3 Same goes for you.