Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dark and bright

Tribally autumn!

Beautiful jewelry for beautiful weather. The necklace is new by Magpie, the Fall Scarab necklace. I love the colors and the whimsical touch of Egyptian. The Autumn Colored Tiara is by Star Kindler Designs, a bright spot of rust and gold in my mess of dark hair. (SLURL to Magpie) (SLURL to Star Kindler Designs)

Tribally autumn!

***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes in gold
***Outfit: Plastik Halluwiin 10 Saturday outfit in candy corn
***Tattoo: Aitui With Force We Go
***Gloves: Vintage from Sprawl
***Hair: DBS Hilary in black
***Skin: Freebie Curious Kitties Autumn Spirit Azil Skin in Owl tone
***Makeup over skin: Frick from the witch hat hunt - Autumn's Fell Makeup in dark
***Tiara: Star Kindler Designs Autumn Colored Tiara
***Necklace: Magpie Fall Scarab Necklace
***Poses: Diesel Works Odyssey set


Epione Serendipity said...

Just found your blog. I also bought the same necklace by Magpie. Nice images. I look forward to more of your posts.

Auntykuro said...

Thanks, Epione! I hope you continue to enjoy it. <3