Friday, October 15, 2010

Coffee coffee coffee coffee

Bunny in Fricka's skybox

Katat0nik made two different complete Halloween dolly dresses this year, a kitty outfit (which is awesomely adorable) and this bunny one. They come with a hoodie and color-changing hair, a little nose with whiskers, and a purse stuffed with cuteness. The purse toggles a pose on and off. SO ADORABLE. I'm also standing in a skybox built by Fricka, one of her famous season skyboxes. This one is Autumn-themed, full of glowing grass and dead trees and rusty walls, and I love it. It's on sale on the top floor of her store. (SLURL to Frick)(SLURL to Katat0nik)


***Outfit: Katat0nik bunny costume in light blue, including legwarmers, hoodie, dress & purse & little bunneh nose.
***Skin: Honey Kitty dolly skin in yellow+orange, 20L gatcha item
***Shoes: G Field rose bootie "diva" in orange, on sale right now for 50% off

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