Monday, October 25, 2010


Ezura burlesque outfit

No shadows for this outfit. :( That's because the Mesh grid doesn't update like the normal one, and the outfit I had on just didn't want to show up. Oh well! Shadows or not, this outfit is lovely and saucy for Halloween from Ezura. The boots are from this designer too, perfect for a Steampunk night dancin'. Aside from that, I'm totally playing a lot of Real Life. I even went out dancing last Friday night! The punchline is that I probably put my back out. Old Acha is old. (SLURL to Ezura)

Ezura burlesque outfit

***Hair: lamb The Glow Deux - Ink
***Skin: Ugly Duck - Lai - Gothic
***Tattoo: HUZ Bloom - bright - worn
***Outfit: Ezura Burlesque Victorian Vampire
***Shoes: Ezura Gothic Knee-High Leather Boots

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