Thursday, September 2, 2010



My boy avatar says, hello and almost welcome to HAIR FAIR. I do so love Hair Fair (which runs from Sept. 4 - 19). I give so many props to the hard-working desigers who sit around carefully moving long strands of prims -- it would drive me nuts, which is why I buy hair instead of making it myself. I wanted to post in one of Curio Obscura's new hairs as my first post, but the boy avatar paused and beckoned me over to the Rock Candy folder. "Pst. Do this one." Not only is the hair unisex and cute in a J-rock bishounen kind of way, but it's tailored for my shape. That's right, Acha's shape is a modified version of a Rock Candy shape, which is why the hair suits it so well. Thanks to Miss Lillian for the idea! (Are you ready for hair fair?)

It is in my face

i like my hair

***HAIRS: Rock Candy Happy Hair (Blond), Wildboy Hair (Dbrown), and Shane Hair (DBrown)
***Tattoos: La Malvada Mujer anatomicamente and Sugar Skull en la mano
***Eyes: La Malvada Mujer eyes of naphthenic and palmitic acids
***Pants: ~silentsparrow~ copper batty leather pants
***Vest: ~silentsparrow~ (oh deer!) fenris leather vest, old stumblebum item
***Skin: Den-dou Eito dark /02 stubble

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well hello gorgeous! How YOU doin?