Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh bury me not...

Spear that leaf!

I thank you, Lord, that I'm placed so well
That you've made my freedom so complete
That I'm no slave to whistle, clock or bell
Nor weak eyed prisoner of Wall Street

Just let me live my life as I've begun
And give me work that's open to the sky
Make me a partner of the wind and sun
And I won't ask a life that's soft or high.

-- Johnny Cash

Heh. My life is the opposite, but I'd like to pause tonight and be grateful for what I have. Please also note that my outfit is from Sangre Noir (love the striped babydoll) and my hair is a cheeky one-shoulder-ponytail with bangs from Scribble.

***Tattoo: Crowjane tattoo from ~silentsparrow~
***Horns: DP**yumyum little devil horns from the Autumn Festival
***Spear: DP**yumyum fork from the Autumn Festival
***Eyes: Poetic Colors fairy eyes - wolf
***Hair: Scribble My Good Side in ginger
***Outfit: Sangre Noir Circus Babydoll
***Skin: Cupcakes London Whisper - Dark Love

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