Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hair Fair: *Gwendolyn* (post #0015)


Some days I have shit luck with blog photos, yanno? I have an idea in my mind about what I want the photo to look like…then try to shoot it. Fail, it looks shitty. Then try again… Finally I have something that's eh, it's okay. The stuff I'm wearing is cool, though! I'm in a new outfit from Blue Blood, the Lorna. I had to wear this crazy pink and purple variety because the colors remind me of my little girl's ballet recital. The hair is new from *Gwendolyn*, and I really like the whimsical little braid dangling from the bangs. (SLURL to Blue Blood) (SLURLs to the Hair Fair)


***Skin: Nomine Pierrot Columbina ultralight
***Marionette thingie: LVS & CO Halloween AO from years ago
***Boots: J's thigh-high boots in bordeaux
***Outfit: Blue Blood Lorna in purple-pink
***HAIR: *Gwendolyn* Abigail in pink

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