Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hair Fair: EMO-tions (post #0008)

Miss Infra Violet
Miss Infra Violet

I always like it when Miss Infra Violet (of the blog Infralovely) wanders by. She's walked further and further down the neko path since I saw her last, and now she practically purrs if you touch her. She went to the hair fair these past few days, and found something that really suits her look -- the Dala hair by EMO-tions. I saw her and had to record what she's done with it. (SLURLs to the Hair Fair)

***Hair: EMO-tions - Dala
***Eyes: Rotten Toe - Wolfen
***Hair: Gauze - Matey
***Tail: Dirty Lynx - Poker Tail
***Ears: Anisa's neko ears
***Skin: Frick - Jane
***Tattoo: Para Designs - Paisley Temptress
***Nose Stud: Faux Posh - Single Gem Nose Stud /diamond
***Gloves: Bloody Mess - Open Finger Racing Gloves
***Bracelet: Edge Grafica - 37
***Sneakers: HOC - HOC Lowtops
***Top: My Pinkie Skull - Stripes Bandana
***Jeans: Dirty Lynx - Graffiti Baggy pants

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