Thursday, September 23, 2010

First full moon of Autumn


My husband walked by and looked at this picture. "Um. Is he touching himself?" "No. He's protecting his nads from vampires." "...Oh."

Boy Acha says: Down with the vamps! (Except for Jackal, of course.) … Have you been to the iTuTu Autumn Festival yet? DP**yumyum has a free cute hairstyle there (photo here), and Den Dou has three 100L skins! This is one of them. It's supposed to be a zombie skin, but I think it works just fine for my werewolf here. DP**yumyum is also selling wolf parts -- see those great ears?? The backdrop is also from this festival, a Halloween texture that I put up on a prim behind me. AUTUMN - CAN I GET A HELL YEAH! (SLURL to iTuTu)

***Eyes: Poetic Colors eyes fairy eyes - wolf dark
***Hair: Exile Ty / hazelnut
***Ears: DP**yumyum werewolf ears
***Skin: Den Dou zombie skin

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