Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fire in Floyd, eh?

Miss Allegory
Miss Allegory Malaprop

See that pretty woman? I ran into her on my way to Schadenfreude to pick up the new wonderful aligator corset she's made, and the new group gift. Alle is wearing the gift, those two awesome spiral horn earrings. They have a color hud, of course, but the green matches the new corset perfectly. (SLURL to Schadenfreude for the swag!)

Allegory also teased me about the flowers in her hair. "This is by Melatonin. It isn't out yet, and when it is, it'll be for something special." Damn. I love and hate mysteries!

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Allegory Malaprop said...

*cough* by Melatonin! The sweater is by Apatia. And also sneaky teasing :D