Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Boyishly boyish

Dendou BOYS II skin

Late last night I IM'd Winter Jefferson. "New skin at Den Dou! The BOYS line got updated, now it's BOYS II !" "I'm supposed to be working…" Winter said. A few seconds later he was at Den Dou with me, staring at the skins. Now I'm the proud owner of this lovely aristocratically polished skin. It doesn't perfectly suit the surfer look. If my boy avvie weren't so firmly messy today, he would've put up his hair and put on an Edwardian suit for this one, the skin texture is just that soft looking. (SLURL to Den Dou)

***Eyes: Poetic Color Autumn Oak
***Hair: Wasabi Pills Vance in platinum
***Necklace: Aitui Momolu Jr.
***Tattoo: Aitui How it Happens I
***Boxers: Aitui Tae Boxer Briefs
***Shirt: Aitui Surfer Tank i white
***SKIN: Den Dou Boys II Qlo-Light 01/Clean (bald)
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