Monday, August 2, 2010

Who missed me?


I made the mistake of opening up my 'objects' folder for the first time since March. Did I really need the St. Paddy's Day Shamrock headband? Did I? …Of course I did. One of the best things about Second Life is that your inventory doesn't give you movement penalties (unlike, say, Dungeons and Dragons), and you don't need virtual bags-o-holding to cart your loot around. This means you can slay as many mobs as you want and take all their stuff!!! (I suspect you can now see my Everquest roots showing.)


Some of the awesomeness that I found was this purple lolita dress from Grim Brothers, new Plastik "gameface" makeup, this hair from Clawtooth, and some gatcha items from LouLou&Co. I am also super-happy to pose in this set of elegant poses from Diesel Works, the Natya set. I like the movement they give to my avatar without impaling her body with her own hands and feet. (SLURL to Grim Bros) (SLURL to Plastik) (SLURL to Diesel Works)


***Necklace: Violet Voltaire black hearts mechanica
***Shoes: Shiny Things hyasynths in black
***Bracelets: LouLou&Co bracelet summer blue from the Albero gatcha fest
***Piercings: ellabella puritan spirit in blue plastik
***Hair: Clawtooth fancy fancy - coco
***Skin and ears: Plastik lionheart in tale shade with freckles and gameface makeup
***Outfit: Grim Brothers Usagi Aubergina xstreet - loli dress
***Poses: Diesel Works Natya

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Serene Fairey said...

I did. :) I can't believe the St> Pat's thing. I am a inventory neatnik tho.