Sunday, August 29, 2010

While my child puts sticky fingers all over my iPod

Miss Lillian Shippe and Miss Apatia Hammerer, Photo c. 2010 by Ms. Shippe

An hour ago I posted on plurk that I was feeling too tired to blog. Sunday is my mid-workweek-day, and I've already taught and skateboarded with my daughter. "Someone else blog for me," I whined.

I'm so lucky that Apatia and Lillian stepped up to the plate. Their style is really pure Starlust (but of course, considering). I always think of antlers and anachronisms when I think of Starlust style. Off-kilter makeups, interesting avvies, a vague 1970s-smoking-den feel. I asked them to describe the photograph.

Lillian said this:

"I have no idea how to describe what is going on here....we are fancy ladies...with a fancy horse. And guns."

Miss Apatia:
***Eyelashes - FANTASY CURLS
***(Milk Motion) Colette skin - blackeyes1
***!tb - Dark Brown Eyes - scribble - string theory hands only
***Illusions moose antlers / P.C; Gossamer Bead Necklace
***p.c. lush dress / clawtooth Mrs. Mittens in Snow
***Deco duck head cane and...
***dfo! pose

Miss Lilian
***Mascara: Blooline Black (left eye)
***Necklace: Paper Couture Agate Bib Necklace
***Glasses: Deco Cat's Meow Glasses in Black
***Skin Kao *Non* Sun Burn
***Horns: Illusion Herne Horns
***Dress: Paper Couture Lush; Hair Clawtooth: Mrs. Mittens Black eye

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This is fabulous it.