Friday, August 27, 2010

Someday we'll fly away...


Hunain made a new tattoo. It's very, very pretty, and necessitated a bare arse shot of my boy avatar. Aside from that, I'm waiting for my goddamned brand new MacBook Pro to ship. Sadly I have to work in 15 minutes, and I know -- I just know -- it'll come about ten minutes after I leave. *cry* Ok, enough of my whining, go get this lovely 2.1 tattoo at HUZ.


***Hair: Fri.Day Melanie.2 Anxious Blond
***Tattoo: HUZ Let's Fly in black
***Eyes: Mutsu Neko Eyes in blue
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lucifer - Scar - Lip III
***Poses: by someone out-of-business :(


Serene Fairey said...

he's pretty! but I think you just like saying the word "arse".

Rysor Reich said...

Very cool blog, and have put a link to it on my blog I would love a link back to my blog.

Anette Bernard said...

Please contact Anette Bernard on SL about vero modero. Thanks