Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bond villain 2.0


I love you, Aikea, and your hooker dresses. :D :D This one is totally what I'd wear to be the minion of a rich Russian gangster, complete with the short poofy crop from Kin and the evil-minion monocle. "I vill gif what you ask, but virst, you must provide the COMBINATION." The dress also goes well with these f***-me heels from SLink. I love the buckles and straps and glossy thickness of the nail polish -- my avatar's toes are so much nicer than my real life ones, right now! I added my usual cute touch with this skull jewelry set from Mocorin, just to make sure I wasn't looking TOO much like a call-girl. (SLURL to SLink at the shoe fair)



***Hair thingie: DP**yumyum feather katyusya2 (black)
***Jewelry: *mocorin* skull set
***Monocle: NALA monocle
***Lip ring: Lazy Places spikez! lip ring
***Earrings: Schadenfreude skunk electro-cute plugs
***Hair: Kin - Bee - white
***Dress: Plastik Octane in neonviolet/waterworld
***Shoes: SLink Aveela stilettos in grape
***Skin: tres blah hazey blur makeup
***Poses: Set 19 from Sunflower

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Anonymous said...

Those shoes are hot!!!!