Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The best season ever is here

hyasynth's group gift is awesome.

Today I am in ~silentsparrow~ new V.I.P. group gift, O.M.G.! It's copper renditions of two of my favorite recent outfits of hya's, the Severin and Severine suit/suite. I've mixed the two ensembles liberally here, and I just love the layer upon layer of pretty, deep textures and glowing fabrics. Copper against dark, hya knows how to make a girl look all dapper! This outfit reminds me happily that next month is my favorite month of the whole damned year. Only 30 days until OCTOBER! Thank you for the gift, hya!

(SLURL to ~silentsparrow~ to join the V.I.P. group for a small fee & snag the gift!)

hyasynth's group gift is awesome.

***Outfit: A mixture of the two awesome ~silentsparrow~ group gifts, the (copper) Severin Suit and Suite.
***Hair: Vintage -Hiccup, highschool sucks in black
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Imogene ankle boots in pumpkin
***Piercings: [-B-] Epicenter
***Hat: Schadenfreude & ~silentsparrow~ Chapiteau Chapeau
***Skin: tres Blah Pale Jejune Halah with freckles
***Gloves: Stolen from the ~silentsparrow~ pumpkin beloved lolita set

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