Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Being a boy feels good when I'm PMSing

face by HUZ

Guess who warily ventured into 2.1 today? I was lured over by the promise of Hunain's facial tattoos, and I am only vaguely sorry that I went. 2.1 is a royal pain in the ass, but HUZ's Duality tattoo here made me grit my teeth and figure out how to take a goddamned snapshot. (SLURL to HUZ)

***Horns: Illusions Canadensis horns
***Piercings: Flipside double labret spikes, FF10 piercings
***Facial tattoo: HUZ duality full-black
***Other tattoo: HUZ Horn-Eye black
***Boxers: Aitui verge boxer briefs
***Necklace: Aitui Momolu Jr
***Skin: Ugly Duck Raphael darkbrows-cleanshaven
***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes in yellow/gold


Gidge said...

this is an amazing fucking picture. wow

Achariya Rezak said...

thanks, miss gidge!

Anonymous said...


At least you were horny while PMSing. ;-)