Saturday, July 10, 2010

A reason to go to XStreet...


The heat is rolling over us like a thick blanket, but the rain lurks in the high clouds, washing down to cleanse it all away. Tomorrow I have my first real-life photography gig, some photos of fashion for a friend's blog. I've never done this before but I'm excited. I wonder how the rules of SL fashion photography translate to RL? Good lighting, backgrounds that don't detract from the clothing, some kind of mood to the composition… Speaking of, today I'm wearing an XStreet only item from ~silentsparrow~, the Geist Batty suit. The suit is white and therefore tintable, so I've put a bit of silver into it, but it's supremely flexible! (Get the suit here on XStreet.


***Gloves: SiniStyle Lilith Sleeves, taped fingers
***eyes: Mutsu star eyes in purple
***Suit: (Geist) Batty Suit by ~silentsparrow~, only on x-street
***Skin and ears: Plastik Lionheart Poet skin in Fable freckled nouveau
***Boots: Schadenfreude Riga Kicks
***Hair: Tekuteku Spring (black)
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