Friday, July 23, 2010

It's 5AM, and you are listening to Los Angeles


I'm wearing a bevy of new things this morning! Absolutely brand new is this dress by Scribble, the Seven Day Dress. It comes with three kinds of skirt, and I love the quirky silhouette and gauzy overskirt. Next, I am adorned with a brand new tattoo from HUZ. This might be my favorite tattoo of his -- the old-fashioned heart is joined by an 8-balls and flames, and a random interesting face in the middle of the back. It looks like some of my coworkers! And last but totally not least, Violet Voltaire has created a jewelry set out of pincushions -- a headband and bracelet (and necklace, not shown). I love the quirkiness of this set too, truly beautiful and Alice-inspired. Yes, I'm awake at 5:30 AM…

(SLURL to Scribble) (SLURL to HUZ) (SLURL to Violet Voltaire)



***Eyes: Poetic Colors eyes dark wood large
***Monocle: Nala monocle pin left
***Skin: tres blah arsenic blur makeup
***Tattoo: HUZ lovesick
***Hair: Exile Kalea / chestnut
***Shoes: Gos Espadrilles with the pink and charcoal color packs
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Pin cushion Queen bracelet and headdress
***Dress: Scribble Seven Days Dress

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