Thursday, July 29, 2010

Got you


I'd like to blame Violet Voltaire for this massively pastel outfit. She saw the glory that was the double rainbow meme, and decided to do her own paeon to it in a jewelry set. I have only one thing to say to that: WHOOOOAAAAAAA. What does it mean?!!!!? (Pick them up from her shop on Katat0nik's sim.) My hat is from Gos, and is as perfectly sculpted as usual from this designer. The scarf and hat textures are color-scripted! (SLURL to Gos)

Lucky for me, it's easy to find adorkable pastel-shaded cuteness at the Albero Gatcha festival (round 2!). My bikini, fingernails, cardigan and glasses are from this festival, and I'm totally going back for more of the broken glasses. (And I'll use this SLURL to do it.)



***Hair: Vintage Hiccup, ghost boobs in black
***Skin: Miasnow Skin in rainbow goth 5
***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes in purple
***Shoes: Albero Gatcha mijnt - potato's shoes in blue
***Bikini: Albero Gatcha /artilleri/ bikini in pink
***Nails: Albero Gatcha U&R nail aleko pierrot
***Sweather: Albero Gatcha UFO steals sue cardigan
***Glasses: Albero Gatcha Tasty rockin shattered glasses in cyan
***Hat: GOS Floppy Hat with scarf
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire double rainbow jewelry set
***Backdrop: Modest House gatcha skybox B from the festival, round 1.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute! Great styling and I love those glasses... fun!