Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Miasnow Myriam

Elu posted this link to Jewel Undercover on plurk just now. I watched it through and was struck by a comment someone from the crowd made. "At first I thought she was kind of homely, until she started dancing and singing all sexy…" So perhaps personality outshines appearance, sometimes? Maybe? :D … I thought about this in terms of Second Life, and how plurk sometimes exposes the personality behind the nice pretty image on the screen. Including mine, of course! I'm not sure what the moral to this post is, except that Miasnow is lovely inside and out, and it was a pleasure photographing her for my blog.


Miasnow is wearing:
***hair by lamb
***jewlery by RIPE
***outfit by i love 13
***shoes by *ZHAO*
***skin by MIASNOW


Whispers Magic said...

Wow not only are the pictures spectacular but so was the message of Elu's video. Thanks for sharing both!

Unknown said...

I second Whispers sentiments. Stunning pictures and that video really got me thinking about external v's internal. Just how many people are incredibly talented but that talent never gets to see the light of day because society wants the box to look pretty, never mind what's inside.

Thanks for sharing.