Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wicked game


Faina and Bliss opened up a tattoo parlor named La Malvada Mujer, or The Wicked Women. Suits those two troublemakers to a T, and I'm incredibly proud to sport their cabalistic designs on my skin. Faina is an awesome artist to begin with, and her taste is dark and quirky and cool.

Funny story about this tattoo… Last week I had a long conversation with one of my coworkers about how he'd like a tattoo of Jesus on his upper arm, just like a certain famous boxer. "Unique and interesting," I thought. And now, in a fit of Jungian synchronicity, I've got one too. I guess mystical symbols are synchronous like that.

(Go visit La Malvada Mujer)

***Shorts: Amerie M Loose Pants (blue)
***Hair: Truth Jared in golden
***Skin: Raphael (dark brows, 5 o'clock freckles)
***Lip ring: Lazy Places Ballz! lip ring
***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes in blue
***Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer - La Vergine

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