Monday, June 21, 2010

Thunder through the night

Miss Katat0nik Pigeon

It's summertime with a vengeance. Outside, the air is strobing with warring fronts of weather -- the warm and cold are duking it out high in the atmosphere, and the scorching heat of the afternoon gives way to torrential rain. Monsoon time in Florida, and the parks are full of wet, lobster-colored tourists who all troop into my store when the rain comes.

The launch of a certain new phone is this week. Thursday, in fact. I spent several solid hours on the phone helping calm people down from their nervousness about it -- a few asked what time in the morning they can come line up. The answer is: 6 AM. In SL, I am so very distracted that I stand looking blankly at my avatar and forget what I came in for. I think this is also due to summertime.

Bring on October please. OH AND -- isn't Katat0nik's hair lovely? It's new from Lazy Places.


***Clothes: Schadenfreude Death Sugar Sugar
***Shoes: Lazy Places Ice Creamy Heels
***Hair: Lazy Places Annabeth (Blackberry)
***Hat: Lazy Places Ice Creamy Hat
***Ring: Lazy Places Ice Creamy Ring
***Necklace: Lazy Places Ice Creamy Necklace
***Earrings: Schadenfreude Candy Spiral Horns
***Skin: Pink Fuel Skye Bubblegun
***Tattoos: *katat0nik* Poisoned Sugar Rush tattoo sleeves
***Poses: Lazy Places Lolita

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