Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Elusyve Jewell
Elusyve Jewell

First, there is always room on my blog for Miss Elusyve Jewell. Especially if she's wearing nothing but that. You know? Second, Wishbox came out with a new dress and lingerie set, both together, and the second I saw it I thought of Elu.

Alba got her stitches out today and I'm duly traumatized (five minutes of hollering in my ear while I held her in a body-lock and the doctor snipped). But now we're all going swimming as a treat, and … yep gotta run.

(SLURL to Wishbox.)

Elusyve Jewell

***Dress and lingerie: Wishbox Crush set in Chocolate
***Hair "Chisa" from D!va, group gifty!
***Skin "Maan" from Dutch Touch
***Tat "Oriental Flower" from Karnival Tattoo

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Winter Jefferson said...

I approve of this post.