Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shyness is nice

Jameson Kipling & Creamy Cooljoke

I ran into Creamy and Jameson today while wandering around the grid. Creamy looked cute, and Jameson looked dapper, and soon we were all in my photo globe discussing how parts of America relate to various body parts. (The word 'taint' was used once or twice.) It was lovely to see Creamy, and I reminded her that this blog is her fault and Hethr's for encouraging me. NOW SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE. Also, I want Jameson's AO and Creamy's Vooner satchel.


On Mr. Jameson:
***Eyes: (FD) Blue Eyes
***Skin: (NO) Light Toast - Victorian Sideburns - Bear Man
***Glasses: (W) Ray-band Glasses
***Shoes: *COCO* Black Oxford Shoes
***Shirt: /emery/ *TheAtaris White shirt
***Tie: /emery/ Black Tie
***Sweater: /emery/ Cardigan Rare Love
***Pants: /emery/ Denim #5
***Socks: Pig - Argyle Sock M. Suspender - Zigfield S
***Hairs: Uw.St Al-Hair type-A Coffee

On Miss Creamy:
***Shirt: I am robot and proud Tshirt - *eha ( Gacha item - coming soon)
***Shoes ::Kookie: Oafs / Cloud white
***{MV} Floral Print Harem Pants
***Hair - *eha~ Yuki Light Red
***Eyes - liquid amber Poetic Colour
***Skin - &Bean - Hounds of love LIGHT Clammie (Trilogy)
***Hair: Summer headband [Pen and Notebook] - Duboo (Gacha item)
***Bag: *VOONER*MARTI BAG_book
***Earrings: *VOONER*ScullCross Pias earrings
***Mouth thingie: *fllo*candy light blue in mouth

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Kenzie Craven said...

Sorry could you leave maybe the name of the creator for the *VOONER* bag? I can't find it in search.