Saturday, June 12, 2010

Please say to me you'll let me hold your hand


Ever have a Beatles kind of day? Earlier I was sad about something so I put on Let It Be. Then I felt better, so it was Here Comes the Sun. Then I got a migraine and took a lot of drugs and the song became Helter Skelter… OK, next I demand a nice happy three-chord song. How about I Wanna Hold Your Hand?

I'm wearing one of Anya Ohmai's dresses, the simple onepiece. "Onepiece" is the Japanese term for dress…it's nicely descriptive. All in one, not a skirt and blouse. Also, I have Plurk again for those who feel like adding me back after my plurk-break! I'm here.

***Dress: Ohmai Simple Onepiece in blank
***Skin: Pink Fuel Dolly Tears Pink light brow/freckles
***Heels: SLink Felicia Heel Capped Black
***Tattoo: MiaSnow tattoo sacred heart (small)
***Hair: !lamb Stargaze in pale

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