Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let the Bible Belt come and save my soul

With Miss Strawberry Singh

Little ditty about Jack and Diane,
Two American kids growing up in the heartland.
Jackie's gonna be a football star,
Diane's a debutante in the backseat of Jackie's car.

Jackie sits back reflects his thoughts for a moment
Scratches his head and does his best James Dean.
Well you know, Diane, we oughtta run for the city
Diane says, baby you ain't missing a thing.

-- John Melloncamp


On the mama:
***Skin: Dutch Touch - Isis Cotton Liner Red by Iki Ikarus
***Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes - quicksilver by Lano Ling
***Hair: Truth - Gloria Chocolate by Truth Hawks
***Dress: PixelDolls - Aire Brick by Scarlett Butler
***Shoes: Shiny Things - Tuli Pumps Black by Fallingwater Cellardoor
***Tattoo: Aitui - Cherry Blossoms by Jesseaitui Petion
***Cherries in mouth: Mini Me - Cherries by Minni Fall
***Earrings: KCD - Silver Bamboomerangs by Kimberly Casanov
***Glasses: HOC - Skinny Framed Glasses #002 by Guu Nishi
***Ring: TOSL - Fruitylicious Ring v1.4 Cerises by Quinlan Quimby
***Poses: !BANG by Trieste Minuet

On the daddy-o
***Hair: /artilleri/ creeper in golden blond
***Earrings: FlipSide tunnel and hoops ear set
***Cigarette: by Naith Smit
***Glasses: /artilleri/ Buddy glasses
***Shirt: Vitamen ribbed cotton tank
***Jacket: Grasp leather biker jacket in brown
***Pants: Zaara classic jeans in charcoal
***Tattoo: I love Rien retro hotties tattoo
***Tape: Sinistyle taped fingers with black nails
***Skin: Den-Dou Eito light /01 clean (bald)
***Socks: A&M urban tube socks - gatcha item


Strawberry Singh said...

LOL you are made of awesome, I love you! <3

Auntykuro said...

it's the 80s pop music i quoted isn't it <3

Anonymous said...

This is really fantastic!! Can we also get a location? (I must have pictures on that powerball bus stop bench!)

Auntykuro said...

Gasoline's sim. Antonia introduced me to it... http://slurl.com/secondlife/J%20Peace%20island/17/118/23