Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm in ur page, breakin ur width

Me and Lucius and Gianni

A few days ago I saw that Mocha had some kind of free item. I teleported to what I THOUGHT was the Mocha main store…and encountered a cute little summer festival instead. There are Gatcha machines…oh so addictive. Jackal and I took a picture in our Gatcha animal hair over here. Ringing the little gatcha area are shops. One of them, Euclid, had these pants - ! They were so neat that I called in a few likely suspects to buy 'em with me. (Also notable, my high-lacing sneakers from another shop in this ring, Amaama.)

( Go browse the little Paw Paw summer festival! )

On Gianni:
***Necklace-Whippet & Buck
***Earrings-Paper Couture
***Pants- euclid_ sexy baggy in tan

On Luc:
***tattoo - teschi diamante & mani carte
***pants - euclid_ sexy baggy in blue
***shoes - hoc apparel
***hair - je republic agyness
***eyes - mad promise eyes blue intense
***skin - ispachi/fu manchu
***aviatorrs - p.c
***v-neck - pig

On Acha:
***Socks: Vitamen sockgarter with black socks
***Shoes: Amaama + long sneakers
***Shorts: Euclid short baggy (blue gray)
***Hair: !lamb ambrosia rotten carrot
***Shirt: G Field Silky Blouse "charlotte" in ivory
***Skin: Ugly Duck Gatcha 2 Skin 6 gold

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