Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am an unbeliever who has a nostalgia for a belief


This is a skin and tattoo review. I suppose. I'm honestly kind of over big skin reviews in which the reviewer posts picture after picture of themselves in someone's skin line… Yep, I used to do that all the time. Now I just think: damn, so that's how one particular avatar looks in all those skins. I love you all. I just don't find the reviews very useful, and would rather see how a blogger styles up one skin rather than, y'know, so many that the skins and makeups become a blur.

So. This skin is a unisex-makeup skin from Ugly Duck, the Kala. The nether bits are clearly suited toward the different genders, but the face suits boyish girls and girlish boys (and people who don't like a lot of makeup on their faces). I'm wearing it with a new tattoo from La Malvada Mujer -- a small meditation upon Pasolini. I love you two, Faina and Bliss. Come have my prim babies. (SLURL to Ugly Duck) (SLURL to La Malvada Mujer)

I'm taking a wee break from Plurk, ok? I'm sure I'll head back there eventually. ♥


***Boots: Zero Number Short Boots in black
***Tattoos: La Malvada Mujer Pasolini & Words
***Hair: Marie - delighted blond
***Underwear: Vitamen Jockstrap in natural white
***Eyes: NP lunar eyes in gold
***Skin: Ugly Duck Kala unisex skin in F4


Strawberry Singh said...

I feel the same, I don't need to see a blogger post 100 faces of all the makeup. But I guess others might find it useful. I would rather them just pick their favorite makeup and do an interesting style/picture with it.

And dammit, why are you so sexy and stylish in every skin? <333

Auntykuro said...

O hey Berry! Thanks for the comment. I think it's the jockstrap in this one. I dare you to post in one too ;)

Strawberry Singh said...

LOL you just want Cat to kick my ass.

Auntykuro said...

Wahaha. It's always adorable when you two spat in public.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's what I do when I post about skins actually, Strawberry. I pick one makeup out of the bunch for a photo.

Hawt jockstrap, Acha. Rawr. :-P

Lizzie Lexington said...

I wonder where you slipped off to on plurk. And beautiful pictures too! Hugs!

Lizzie Lexington said...
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Lizzie Lexington said...

oops sorry for the duplicate comments!