Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Darn those copybotters


Aikea Reiko of Plastik IM'd me the other day and said this:

[2010/06/14 15:19] Aikea Rieko: I have someone who copybotted my collars and textures and shit, and i am selling my original version for super cheap so that people will know that they can get the original for much less, you know, to raise awareness not to buy stolen content.

So please, that collar above… go buy it for a new cheap price at Plastik. Then go invest in a few other outfits, to keep the copybotters from driving designers out of business. :| (SLURL to Plastik)


***Boots: J's Goth Beltboots
***Stockings: BeNoir Mona Stockings Torn
***Hand tat: ~silentsparrow~ luna pomegranate tattoo
***Collar: Plastik Reclusecollar buckled
***One-boob-shirt: Elymode Dulce Layer Tank left - sugar 1
***Skin: Pink Fuel Ember (milk) beestung (dkbrow/freck)
***Eyes: Mutsu Star Eyes in purple
***Ears: Scribble old 50L friday elf ears in fresh notched
***Hair: Tiny Bird Chicago in Stein Silver
***Skirt: G Field High Waist Skirt Bella in silver
***Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer anatomicamente in vista/cielo

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Adam P. Knave said...

It is really sad that people feel the need to copy designs instead of actually, hey why not, creating things. Does it ever work out well for them, really?