Monday, May 10, 2010

Teal belle


*katat0nik* has new things out! I sincerely hope that this trend continues, because it's lovely to see new Kat creations in-world again. I'm wearing her new Sakura Storm tattoo sleeves, which are a riot of gorgeous colors up my arm. I'm also in her new skirt, which comes with a color-changing script so that you can match it to any of her previous outfits. Total love! I had to wash my face with teal paint to go with this outfit, and Fricka came through with this beautiful Ocean Lolly skin. (SLURL to Katat0nik) (SLURL to Frick)

***Corset: amerie corsetdoll shirt from the outfit
***Skirt: *katat0nik* Ice Cream Skirt
***Tattoo: *katat0nik* Sakura Storm Tattoo Sleeve
***Hair: Deviant Kitties Squeak - Ink Teal
***Skin: Frick Ocean Lolly Skin - Cream
***Necklace: Perturb/ation RosetteNebula Necklace - Black
***Boots: J's Thigh High Boots in black

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Sileny said...

\o/ Ice cream!