Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The riverbank talks of the waters of March


I realize now that it's dangerous to photograph in big fluffy dresses because it opens me up to MORE big fluffy dresses. I say 'dangerous' because photographing large prim skirts honestly perplexes me. There's so much going on at the bottom of the photo, so little at the top… I have an inability to make the picture look at all graceful, so I made something super-plain today. Also, I'm not wearing shoes. Or underpants. But you can't tell either one! All that aside, this lovely dress is from Ivalde. I really love the corseted bodice and the slightly different pattern of the underskirt. My avvie is still going in a Preraphaelite groove with red, red hair and lips today. The skin is new from Rfyre. (SLURL to Ivalde) (SLURL to Rfyre)


***Necklace: The Closet in Shelter feather necklace
***Piercing: FlipSide nose piercing 4, mouth set 10
***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes red
***Ears: Balderdash & Schadenfreude etherial fey ears
***Hair: dylan in jealous red
***Skin: Mystere skin by RFyre, skin-tone 2, no. 27
***Outfit: Ivalde Arnaude red victorian gown


Noirran Marx said...

that dress is GORGEOUS

Unknown said...

This dress will be on sale really soon, Nef was about to set it out and lost her internet connection but keep watch - when new releases go out they have 50% off for 24 hours
great blog post, love the pictures