Monday, May 3, 2010

No mas. I'm serious.

Antonia Marat & Boy-version Acha

I'm stuck at work up in a loading dock, talking endlessly to people about the unavailability of a certain high-demand product. Up here, all alone, I began thinking about the past few weeks… I took a break from blogging about myself and photographed other people instead. I found that when I don't have to change my outfit every day, I default to a few saved outfit folders, one for a boy avvie and one for a girl. I've been on a vintage kick lately, so both avatars tended to look like they'd stepped out of Grease. i wore a lot of Ingenue and and /artilleri/. My skins were Ugly Duck (for boy) and the new &Bean vintagey one (for girl), and the hair changed around a bit but was usually Clawtooth.


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