Monday, May 24, 2010

Kåt on a hot tin roof


Hello. How's your day going? I've had a slightly surreal morning, and I can't quite put my finger on why. Different sky? Different air? Maybe it's the Floridian summer heat creeping over everything and melting us into one vast undifferentiated mass. This is all to say that my SL avatar wants snow. Barring that, she's dressed for summer in MichaMi's new Kat outfit (are you sure it's not Kåt, Mimi?). She's also got on high-heeled sneaker thingies from Tesla for that sexy-geek look, and new Gos Cateye glasses too. Now to face the hot evening and melt into my beer...


***Socks: Mocha loose socks in plain dirty gray
***Glasses: Gos custom eyewear v5.0b Cateye
***Eyes: Exodi Zbilja 2.0 deep (deep honey) (lg/v)
***Hair: Mary's Magic - peanut
***Shoes: Tesla Silver city messenger Heels in Sky Runner color
***Skin: Exodi Dael Nuit 8 (lt/f/c)
***Outfit: MichaMi Kat in silver black
***Poses: Diesel Works Alagan


Sydd Sinister said...

really love that skin on you

Milla Michinaga said...

You look hot! and those are some fine legs you've got there. And no, not kåt, you naughty girl! (who taught you that?) :))