Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's the joy in your heart


I've had lyrics stuck in my head, so you get to see them too. I'm dressed in pre-Raphaelite steampunk with thick red braids from Deviant Kitties and a new pale, pale skin from fashionably Dead… My outfit is this sweeping Mary Shelley-esque concoction from Ezura. Right, on to the lyrics:

A stick, a stone,

It's the end of the road,

It's the rest of a stump,

It's a little alone

And the river bank talks

of the waters of March,

It's the end of the strain,

The joy in your heart.

(See the video)


***Outfit: Ezura Gothic Steampunk Victoria Dress in chocolate (SLURL)
***Eyes: Mutsu star eyes - red (SLURL)
***Hair: Deviant Kitties Hezza in blood orange (SLURL)
***Skin: fashionably dead bird skin - princess 5 (SLURL)

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