Friday, May 7, 2010

I want bacon pantsu IRL


I wasn't going to post more about the Koreshan Bake Sale today but -- … Bacon underpants. You know? The bacon underpants are from Pig Shop, the shoulder crab-cake is from Chicanery (with retractible crab), and the doughnut swing is from ANA_mations, with four different swingy poses. So yeah, head to the ( Koreshan Bake Sale! )



***Socks: League Gartered Socks - offwhite
***Gloves: Sprawl shove gloves
***Shoes: GOS 8-hole docs
***Skin: Ugly Duck Lucifer - scar - sleepy
***Hair: Junwave Masaki in Khaki
***Tattoo: HUZ inside - original
***Eyes: !Mutsu star eyes yellow/gold
***Shorts: Pig - man meat underpants (for Koreshan Bakesale)
***Shoulder crab: Chicanery Hermit Crab Cake
***Doughnut: ANA_mations doughnut swing


Unknown said...

lol. you really want bacon pants in rl? don't know about bacon underpants, but there's a bacon bra and bacon dress lolol.

Serene Fairey said...

mm, you smell like bacon. :P