Sunday, May 2, 2010

Drawn and speckled


Oh shit, it's me, blogging. I've got a number of things to talk about -- first, my pretty pretty skin from Aikea Reiko of Plastik. My shape suits the LionHeart skin line very well; I think it's made for a pixie size and face shape, which Acha haz. I love the soft tint of the makeup. Not overdone, but pretty. The ears are from Plastik too, tinted to each exact skin tones. That nekky photo above also sports a brand new tattoo from HUZ, the Mahuika. I'm wearing the faded version, and damn is it pretty. I like the way the tattoo artist had to crawl between my avatar's thighs to get all that done. Hunain, you pervert. (Just kidding :D) (SLURL to Plastik) (SLURL to HUZ)

My dress is from MichaMi! I think her clothing works so well for vaguely steampunk/elven/whatever cosplay, because the lines are so spare and simple and the fabric is so well done. I was even able to use her beautifully-made system skirt so that I could keep my tail attached! (Find it at MichaMi)



***Tail: From Queen Titania's court female faun
***Horns: Schadenfreude Kinder Horns
***Gloves: Studio Sidhe Morpheus The Endless Chains
***Skin: Plastik LionHeart - Myth - Bare: Pout
***Ears: Plastik Lionheart Elven Ear - Myth
***Tattoo: HUZ Mahuika - black - faded
***Eyes: <<< np >>> Lunar eyes - gold - large
***Hair: Fashionably Dead Sparks - dust
***Boots: G*Fields long fur cuff boots - brown
***Dress: MichaMi Rhia Dress in brown
***Panties: ~silentsparrow~ from the Cygnet suit
***Poses: AnaLu/VOGA

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