Sunday, May 23, 2010

Diesel works for me too


Poor Rogan Diesel. Sends me poses, like the cute girlfriend poses from last week, and I end up genderbending them. A little while ago I was sent a new set of lovely male AO poses…and *cough* doesn't Acha look fetching in them? She's wearing an 80s power suit of sorts with this beautifully textured (Elate!) belted miniskirt and new pick reward vest from ~silentsparrow~. I highly recommend putting that sim in your picks, hyasynth's pick rewards are usually well worth gathering up. This packet of waistcoats comes in two layers and five-ish? colors. (I forget.) Now I'm off to the park with my kid! Yay Sundays.


***Hair: JE*Republic Platinum - claudia brown
***Shirt: Connors white dress shirt from the sweater rose set
***Waistcoat: ~silentsparrow~ Blodeuwedd waistcoat in chocolate, picks reward!
***Eyes: Exodi Look into my … tequila sunrise LG
***Skin: Exodi Dael Nuit 8 (dk)
***Skirt: (Elate!) Alex skirt in chocolate
***Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Severian in rust
***Poses: Diesel Works Alagan, click to see how they should look, lol.

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