Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baked how, is the question


I'm sporting two more items from the Koreshan Bake Sale right now. First, this awesome toast bag (with expression changes) from Draconic Kiss, and second, these shoes from Grim Bros. Please go stare at the super-big version of this photo to see the detail on the shoes, I promise, the little sushi bits won't disappoint.

(Head to the Koreshan Bake Sale!)

***Shoes: Omnom asian takeaway heels by Grim Bros. @ the Koreshan Bake Sale
***Bag: Draconic Kiss Friendly Toast Bag @ the Koreshan Bake Sale
***Skin: Mystere Skin by Rfyre/Pulse Tone 2/ No. 27
***Rest of the credits can be found on this earlier post.

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