Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vo in Cheerno

Vo Pralou

Shirtless boy week continues with these photos of the new Cheerno skins (named Wady, left, and Teseu, right), adorning Mr. Pralou here. I like how Asian his shape looks. I grew up surrounded by whip-thin Hawaiian boys on the Big Island, and my internal version of reality very often has Asian bodies being 'normal' and everything else as 'bigger-than-normal.' I mention this because I'm certain other people might find his avvie super-thin, but I'd like to raise the idea that body norms are actually cultural.

Anyway, the thick brows are definitely a Cheerno standard by now, and Vo pulls them off with a delicate nose and pouty little mouth. I admit that I zoomed way in on the nipples and stared through the objectifying lense of my SL camera… boy those are realistic lookin', complete with "I'm cold" bumps. Wonder who my shirtless boy will be tomorrow? (SLURL to Cheerno)


***Pants: {MV} I don't live in the U.K Jeans (not yet released)
***Boots: Coco Black ankle boots (not for gift)
***Skin 1: [CheerNo] Teseu_Pale_Base.Shaved
***Skin 2: [CheerNo]Wady_Light/MK#5.Shaved
***Hair 1: [LeLutka]-ISHA hair - Powder
***Hair 2: [CheerNo] Hair TESEU [Surreal]

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Wrenja said...

aw ish I need those pants >.>